- Highest grades loose leaf tea

- From sustainable tea farms

- Directly from China


How to find Fushou green tea? (Blog)

Fushou green tea
Fushou green tea (Product)
Fushou Green Tea
Leaf Tea Mug 'Bamboo' (Product)

Leaf Tea Cup Bamboo

Autumn Tea Sampler (Product)

Autumn Tea Sampler

About Tieguanyin Oolong Tea (Blog item)

tieguanyin oolong
  • Adventure Tea

    - Numerous selections of tea adventure packaging

    - Fully personalized for the best tea Adventure experience

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  • Natural Tea

    - Taste the origin

    - We are based in China

    - Actively scout new tea farmers

    - Offer tea worldwide through online store

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  • Affordable Tea

    - High grades for affordable prices

    - Unique selection of premium quality leaf tea

    - Competitively priced per cup

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Intro Block

  • Fresh & reliable

    Tea Adventure keeps only a small stock of tea in the Chinese warehouse, to ensure that the product that reaches you is as fresh as can be....

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  • Varied & reliable

    There are so many varieties of tea in China, that it's possible to try a different one each day! Many customers choose tea according to...

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  • 5000 years & reliable

    Experience the fine quality and unique flavours of our products. The Tea Adventure team is passionate about tea, you can depend on us to...

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