• Pure tea & beneficial

    Tea Adventure deals directly with tea suppliers, which is why we can offer such a fair price for best grades leaf tea.

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  • Pure tea & honesty

    Enjoy nature, but also respect nature. At Tea Adventure, our policy is to sell teas which are produced with respect for people and the environment.  

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  • Pure tea & passion

    Tea Adventure selects only the finest and purest handpicked teas, endeavoring always to provide quality and choice. Allow us to share our years of expertise and passion for tea!

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Featured Teas

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  • Fresh & reliable

    Tea Adventure keeps only a small stock of tea in the Chinese warehouse, to ensure that the product that reaches you is as fresh as can be....

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  • Varied & reliable

    There are so many varieties of tea in China, that it's possible to try a different one each day! Many customers choose tea according to...

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  • 5000 years & reliable

    Experience the fine quality and unique flavours of our products. The Tea Adventure team is passionate about tea, you can depend on us to...

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