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Golden Yunnan Black

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Golden Yunnan Black

Golden Yunnan BlackBlack Tea - Golden Yunnan Black

Black Tea


"Tea buds from the big tea trees. This tea originates in the Yunnan Black tea capital Fengqing, nearby the border with Myanmar. Very sweet and special black tea taste, different from any other black tea available. Suitable for drinking all day long. Enjoy."



Black Tea - Golden Yunnan Black

Name: Jin Dianhong, Golden Yunnan Black, 金滇红

Category: Mild, sweet

Impression: The leaves are small and tightly rolled, on the leaves is a small bright fuzz

Taste: The taste is full, round and sweet. The yellow color makes this tea so special, unique

Origin and year of harvest: Fengqing, Yunnan, 2013


Black Tea - Golden Yunnan Black

Brewing instructions: Use 2-3 grams for a glass of this tea and about 5 grams for a teapot. Let it pull at 90°C. Depending on personal preference, give a short moment up to a minute for an infusion. However, it is very important not to let the tea steep too long, otherwise the taste becomes bitter. When a kung fu tea set is used, use about 3 grams Jin Dianhong, and these are about 10 seconds per infusion drag. 

The only black tea from the puerh tea province is the Yunnan Black. Special since produced with the big leaf variety of the camelia sinensis. When you compare the 'normal' Yunnan Black with this Golden Yunnan Black, you see directly the big golden tips.