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What is Golden Eyebrow Black Tea

Created On:2011-11-10 02:40:43

Golden Eyebrow (Jin Jun Mei)Tongmu

What is Golden Eyebrow black tea and how is it made? Many people think it is a Lapsong Souchong tea. It may share origin but it is only family… Appearance, taste and processing methods are all different. Golden Eyebrow is a very famous and expensive tea, you’re about to find out why...

What is Golden Eyebrow?
Golden Eyebrow (translated from the Chinese name Jin Jun Mei) is made out of bud tips. These bud tips are picked from the original souchong tea trees at 1500-1800 meters high in Wuyi Mountains. The bud tips should be picked before Qing Ming Festival, the skilled tea farmers can pick up to 2000 bud tips per day. Every 500g golden eyebrow tea needs at least 10.000 bud tips. The whole process is hand-made by tea masters. 

The tea itself has a nice appearance, small and dense with a combination of gold, yellow and black mixed together. It is a very sweet tea with a fruit, honey, flower and sweet potato fragrance. It has a long-lasting flavor, even after steeping 10 times it remains sweet.

How is Golden Eyebrow made?
This tea was discovered in Tongmu village in 2005. When some tea professionals went to Tongmu they saw a woman cutting branches in a bamboo grove from aged souchong tea trees in order to grow fresh branch buds next year. Suddenly, they recognized there were many fresh bud tips on these branches. They knew that high quality Silver Needle and Dragon Well tea are all made out of bud tips, so why can’t the bud tips of souchong tea trees be used for high quality tea? Thus the Golden Eyebrow is discovered. Tongmu is a national nature reserve located high in the mountains. Four hundred years ago, they had already produGolden Eyebrowced the Lapsang Souchong black tea.

The Golden Eyebrow has a high standard for the raw material and processing methods. The tips of single spring buds should be picked from the aged tea trees around the edges of the bamboo grove. The bamboo grove is located 1000 meters up in the mountains. Particularly, only buds appearing during the seven days before and after the qingming festival (a Chinese festival, celebrated on one day between the 17th -23rd of April) will be picked; the bud tips will not be picked until the dew on the bud are dried by the sunshine in the morning. The entire process is all skillfully hand-made by the best tea masters of Tongmu.

The differences between Lapsang Souchong and Golden Eyebrow
The mGolden Eyebrowost prominent difference between the two teas is the processing method. The traditional Lapsong Souchong will undergo a smoking process. Therefore, the Golden Eyebrow doesn’t have the smoky smell that Lapsang Souchong has (Note here that if we talk about Lapsang Souchong, we talk about the western variety, the Lapang Souchong in China consist of whole leaves and is not smoked). They are also different in raw material, appearance, fragrance, color and taste.
1. Raw material
The Golden Eyebrow is only made out of high quality bud tips.
2. Appearance
The Golden Eyebrow is longer and tighter than Lapsang Souchong. The color has a brighter gold with yellow and black also mixed together. The Lapsang Souchong we know in the west is often very black.
3. Fragrance
The Golden Eyebrow has not only a fruit fragrance but also strong flower fragrance. The Golden Eyebrow can be steeped 10 times and the fragrance will still remain.

4. Color
The Golden Eyebrow tea itself is relatively light, golden yellow color.
5. Taste
It tastes sweet, mellow and full without a hint of smoke.

We hope this article will give you a better understanding of this high quality tea. This tea will surely give you a new experience with black tea.