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Welcome to Tea Adventure
Tea-Adventure selects and sells high quality Chinese tea from mostly sustainable plantations. Directly from China without the use of ambiguous traders and other intermediaries.

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Reasons to choose Tea Adventure tea:

Organic tea

Sustainable Tea

From local tea farmers who respect the nature, tradition and people.

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Tea Souring

No Middlemen Involved

We personally select our teas without using unreliable middlemen or agents.

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Nine years of experience

  • We live in China
  • We speak Chinese
  • We know the culture
  • We know the difference between a good tea and an average one

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Blog posts


Rock tea tasting 2016

All the 2016 Wuyi rock teas have arrived at our warehouse and all of them have been tasted a number of times.

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The Different Varieties of White Tea

White tea is a unique and rare tea, originally from China. It boasts many health benefits and is highly sought after in China.

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The Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea

The Story about Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea. A very special oolong tea from Guangdong with a flowerly after taste. The Yin Hua or silver flower.

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What gave the White Peony Tea this elegant name?

When we mention the name of "White Peony", we appreciate its beautiful name and think both of tea leaves and a flower.

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The many varieties of the Phoenix Dancong tea

The Dancong tea from the Phoenix Mountains has many different varieties, distinguished by the fragrance and flavor of the variety. The general rule is: the higher the altitude and the older the tea tree, the better the tea leaves.

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