Aged White Peony King

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A special white tea and very popular in China. After maturing for years the White Peony King ferments into the Aged White Peony King.

The result is remarkable, this tea is tender and sweet in taste. Keep this tea in a cool and dark place.

This fermented White Peony comes from an organic tea garden located on one of the highest mountains in Zhenghe. Fuding is the most famous place for white tea in the area, and Zhenghe follows closely.

Zhenghe has its own variety of white tea called "Zhenghe Dabaicha’’. The leaves and buds of the tea bush are larger than those originating from Fuding, which are used for the White Peony King and the Silver Needle.

We have tried to provide good organic white tea from Zhenghe, but for a long time we were unable to find a good organic Aged White Peony here. Almost all teas in this area are of low quality and almost none of them is organic.

In the summer of 2016 we found through a friend, a small, organic and sustainable tea garden on one of the highest mountains in Zhenghe. The tea trees are surrounded by many other trees and plants, and the villagers do not manage this tea garden. They just go there once a year to pick the leaves.

Three years ago, the villagers decided to save some of their best White Peony tea to see how it would ferment. After three years, the result is remarkable! This tea has a tender and sweet taste. We are proud that we can offer this Aged White Peony King in Europe. It is best to keep this tea in a cool and dark place.

zhenghe aged white peony zhenghe aged white peony zhenghe aged white peony
More Information
Other namesWhite Peony King, Baimudan Wang
AppeareanceBeautiful big tea leaves and buds
Harvest Year 2013
tasteSweet and soft taste
Price per cup€0.06

Zhenghe, Fujian

map Zhenghe white tea

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2 till 3 gram tea, 90 degrees celsius, steep for around 1 minute

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