Big Red Robe (Light)

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Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) is in the tea top ten of Chinese tea and worldwide the most famous oolong rock tea.

Beautiful legends tell us this tea was very expensive and that therefore people protected the tea bushes with red robes.

The Wuyi Mountains, in the north of Fujian province, is the birthplace of the “King of Oolong Tea”: The Big Red Robe or Da Hong Pao. The history of tea started hundreds of years ago. The story says that the tea bushes were protected by large red cloths, which resulted in the name Big Red Robe.

The Da Hong Pao originates from only four bushes. The tea from these four bushes is worth more than its weight in gold, and normally reserved for those in positions of great power or those with a lot of money. Therefore, it is almost impossible to acquire this original Big Red Robe tea. Fortunately, it is also possible to find great Dahongpao at a much more reasonable prices.

The leaves look beautiful dark and slightly curled. When poured over with hot water, the infusion will color orange-yellow and the leaves will unfurl with a green and red edge. The tea can be poured with hot water seven to eight times. Wuyi Rock Oolong tea has a special mineral and floral flavor, because most of the tea trees are growing on the cliffs of the mountains. These large cliffs have a red color, which is the main feature of Wuyi Mountains.

Wuyi Rock Oolong tea is a very famous oolong tea in China and actually even around the world. Another famous Oolong tea is the Tieguanyin oolong tea from Anxi in South Fujian Province, which is also part of our product range.

Wuyi Rock Oolong tea has many varieties, such as the Big Red Robe, Golden Water Turtle, Iron Arahant and White Cockscomb (these four teas together are called "Si Da Ming Cong", literally: the four large shrubs). Among them, the Red Robe is the most famous one. During the Song Dynasty, the Big Red Robe tea used to be a tea bestowed to the Chinese emperor in order to honor him.

This stunning top ten tea is definitely worth trying. Try this tea at home and enjoy it countless times.

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Other namesBig Red Robe, Da Hong Pao, 大红袍
AppeareanceDark and beautiful loose leaves, differing in size and shape
Harvest Year2017
tasteHalf roasted variety; flowery and mild with sweet aftertaste
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Wuyishan, Fujian, protected area

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This tea tastes the best in a porcelain or clay pot. Use 3-7 grams of this tea and add boiling water. To prepare half a liter of this tea, use around 7 grams depending on your personal preference. However don't start with too much tea, otherwise the tea will become bitter. Steep the tea for a few seconds if you like mild tea and for a little more than a minute if you like strong tea. When using the kungfu tea set, use 3 grams and steep for around 20 seconds. It's not necessary to wash this tea, but it doesn't hurt. We recommend that you also try using an YiXing clay pot to experience the differences in taste. If you store this tea in a dry place, you can keep it for years without losing taste or going bad. You don't have to store this tea in the fridge.

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