1. Rock tea tasting 2016

    All the rock teas have arrived at our warehouse and all of them have been tasted a number of times. Firstly, we went to Wuyishan, after tasting all the teas, made our selection, then waited for their arrival in Xiamen, whereupon we tasted them again and again, and because we liked the taste so much: again. 

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  3. The Different Varieties of White Tea

    White tea is a unique and rare tea originally from China. It boasts many health benefits and is highly sought after in China

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  5. The Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea

    Authentic Dan Cong teas must be grown within the Phoenix Mountain area in Guangdong’s Chao An County and must come from one of the famous cultivars. This famous oolong tea contains only leaves that are plucked and processed from single trees.

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  7. What gave the White Peony Tea this elegant name?

    Why do we name the White Peony Tea thus?

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  9. The many varieties of the Phoenix Dancong tea


    The Dancong tea from the Phoenix Mountains has many different varieties, distinguished by the fragrance and flavor of the variety. Besides this, as well the origin of the tea leave plays in important role. The general rule is: the higher the altitude and the older the tea tree, the better the tea leaves.

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  11. China's Dong minority and their tea culture

    The Dong minority is one of the 56 minority races belonging to China. A total of approximately 3 million people from this minority populate mostly villages of Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei and Guizhou. The north of Guangxi is as well an area with many Dong people.

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  13. Is Shoumei Tea the lowest quality White Tea?

    If you're familiar with white tea, you may have heard of a relatively low grade of white tea called Shoumei. If you think it is the lowest quality  white tea available though, you are wrong.

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  15. Authentic Huangshan Maofeng green tea

    The Maofeng from Huangshan is probably one of the most difficult teas to source. The main reason is that the Huangshan area is particularly big

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  17. Interview founders Tea Adventure

    Learn more about the Tea-Adventure and company founders Renco and Reinout:

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  19. Tea Adventure: Nine years of Chinese leaf tea

    Tea-Adventure Ltd. is a Hong Hong and Xiamen-based tea company, founded and managed by tea lovers, since 2007. We make Chinese highest quality leaf teas available for all tea lovers in the world.

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