Authentic Dan Cong teas must be grown within the Phoenix Mountain area in Guangdong’s Chao An County and must come from one of the famous cultivars. This famous oolong tea contains only leaves that are plucked and processed from single trees. dancong wudong

There is an old saying that depicts Phoenix as the originating place of SheZu (one of nation's named “She” in China). During the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties period, there were tea trees all around where the SheZu people lived. The SheZu people and tea trees have developed together for a long time. During the Sui dynasty, an earthquake triggered a forest fire, and the tea trees in the area of Phoenix Mountain were burned down. Only Wudong Mountain and Shao Mountain were still left with some tea trees. As some SheZu people migrated to the east, the tea seeds and tree cuttings were brought along and planted in Fujian and other places. During the Song dynasty, the Phoenix villagers found the Hongyin tea tree, which had tea leaves with tip that likened it to the mouth of a crane, and they boiled them into soup to drink. They then tried to plant it because of its good taste. During that time of chaos, the Song Emperor was chased by some soldiers of the Yuan dynasty and escaped to Chaozhou. Hence, the story goes that Song Emperor passed by Wudong Mountain and felt thirsty, and then the villagers provided the soup which was cooked using Hongyin tea. After drinking, Song Emperor applauded and complimented its excellent taste. Due to that incident, people also called “Hongyin Tea” as “Song tea”.


dancong wudong The Growing Environment of Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea

It originated from Phoenix Town in Chao’an area in Chaozhou City in Guangzhou Province. The place is famed for the Phoenix Mountain. The area is located nearby the east sea and has a warm climate. There is enough rainfall per year to encourage the growth of tea trees. The tea trees all grow in the mountainous area at altitudes between 400-1497m. The tea farmers in Phoenix Mountain have rich experience in seed selection and plantation. The remaining 3000 plus big tea trees of Dancong are over 100 years old. They all have special characters and good quality. An individual plant is as tall as a banyan, and the annual production of processed tea each tree yields can easily go up to 10kg

dancong wudong The Characteristics of Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea

People select the superior individual tea tree in the Phoenix Narcissus group for cultivation, harvest and processing into the Dancong tea. Due to the differences in tea fragrance and taste, this tea was divided into the Huangzhi flavor, Zhilan flavor, Taoren flavor, Yugui flavor, Gong flavor and Tongtian flavor. The Dancong tea leaves are usually pluck after noon, processed into finished tea through outdoor sunning, indoor withering, making green (oxidation), water removal, rolling, bruising and roasting among other processes. It is an intricate process that requires more than ten hours of labour. Its leaves are of the thick-strip type, even and straight. The color is yellow brown tipped with vermilion. It provides a lasting and fresh fragrance when brewed. It also yields a unique natural flower fragrance. The taste is mellow, sweet and fresh. It is commonly known as “green leaves with red edge” because of its vermillion tipped infused leaves.


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