Why do we name the White Peony Tea thus? White-Peony

When we mention the name of "White Peony", we appreciate its beautiful name and think both of tea leaves and a flower. What makes us think of a flower while longing for a great cup of thirst quenching white tea? Even though we have been very curious about how the tea ended up with this elegant name, we have never really tried to find out. We simply concluded that if you cannot find a bud in the middle of the leaves, it’s not a white peony. If the leaves don’t look like a white peony flower, it is not a white peony tea.  

White Peony

The authentic White Peony tea is picked using the one bud and two (or three leaves) picking method. Therefore, the bud and leaves are still connected to a tiny branch. The white peony tea leaves have a gray green color and the blade likens to a withered peony petal, which  displays its beautiful shape. After brewing, the green leaves stay attached to the  tender buds. This is a high-grade White Peony tea, also called: White Peony king. Behind its name lies a magical story:

White Peony tea is produced in both Fuding County and Zhenghe County in Fujian province. It is said that a government official named Maoyi quits his official position and took his mother to retreat deep into the mountains over there. When they passed through a hill, an extraordinary fragrance hung in the air. They asked a local about it and realised that the
fragrance yielded from eighteen white peony trees that stood by the side of a lotus
pond. They felt that this place was a fairyland and decided to settle down there.
white peony One day during winter, his mother fell ill due to old age and overworking. Maoyi started looking around for a prescription that would cure his mother’s illness. Failing to do so, he falls asleep one night and dreamt of a white haired immortal 
with silver whiskers telling him to use carp and new tea in a concoction to save his mother. Upon waking, Maoyi decided it must be destiny giving him directions and acts upon it.
Since it was a cold winter, he had to break the ice at the pond in order to catch the carp. However, new tea in winter was nowhere to be found. Just when he was feeling upset, he discovered that the eighteen white peony trees had turned into fairy tea trees, overgrowing with new buds. He immediately picks the buds and set about drying them. Upon drying, the tea leaves displayed white furry hair and looked like white peony flowers. He cooked carp
 with these tea leaves for his mother, and she gradually gets well. People have named this famous tea which is produced in that area as “ White Peony tea” because of this story.