Chineeslekker by Lulu Wang

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Lulu’s book about Chinese cooking and our tea are a perfect match, since Tea-Adventure wishes to make Chinese quality tea accessible to everybody outside China.

Her wonderful book, along with her favorite tea, are temporarily at a discount available at Tea-Adventure.

Our name says it all: Tea-Adventure! Experience the adventure of trying Chinese tea, learn to taste the difference in quality, and get acquainted with new flavors. This is what Tea-Adventure stands for.

For us, finding a good and reliable tea of high quality is an ongoing adventure. During our tea journeys, we often meet special and interesting people. This is how we met Lulu Wang. During a Tai Chi day where we presented our tea, we ran into each other, quite unexpectedly. Lulu Wang is a famous Dutch Chinese writer, author of the bestseller “The Lily Theatre”.

While drinking many cups of our Chinese tea, we started talking. And so the idea arose to do some Chinese tea tasting together.

On April 24th, Lulu’s latest book “Chineeslekker” will come out. A fascinating book about the secrets of Chinese cooking and the ancient wisdom of eating well and staying slim at the same time. With as many as 280 pages in full color, 47 illustrations and a luxurious silk cover, this book is also lovely to look at. During the media presentation of this wonderful book, Tea-Adventure will arrange a Chinese tea ceremony. Lulu’s book and our tea form a perfect match, since Tea-Adventure wishes to make Chinese quality tea accessible to everybody outside China. For this tea, we personally travel to China in order to be able to buy it from sustainable tea plantations, without the use of intermediaries.

While we were talking with Lulu, we discovered that she loves black tea, especially our Silver Eyebrow. This gentle tea is Lulu’s favorite. The Silver Eyebrow is a tea of high quality which is made of the buds and leaves of tea trees in the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve Park.

Lulu says about this tea:

“The Silver Eyebrow combines a slight grassy taste (Chinese) whith a good, strong flavor (European). This delicate balance makes it an exceptional tea.”

We would like to offer you Lulu’s wonderful book in combination with her favorite tea at a discount. Normally, the book and the tea would be 27.30 euros.

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