Zhenghe Wild Silver Needle

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There are two areas in China where they grow Fujian Silver Needle. The larger area of Fuding and in Zhenghe. Tea Adventure offers the best Fuding Silver Needle available on the market, but we also wanted to offer the Zhenghe Silver Needle. This white tea is processed the same way as the Fuding white tea, but the tea bush is a different variety. The leaves are larger and a little darker. The taste is more intense, very fresh. Zhenghe is located in the northeast of Fujian Wuyi Mountains, under the Nanping City and is an ancient tea village. The tea producing areas are between 200-800 above sea level. Surrounded by mountains, hilly ups, and downs, fertile soil, mild climate, abundant rainfall, with subtropical monsoon humid and hilly mountain climate characteristics. So excellent conditions for hight quality tea.

For many years Tea Adventure has been looking for the Zhenghe Silver Needle, but until recently without success. We did find white tea but not the tea we are looking for. In this area, tea is almost always of low quality and there is hardly any organic white tea available. Almost all of the tea bushes were of a different variety than the original and local Zhenghe DaBai variety. Lately, we found out why.

This Zhenghe DaBai variety is a difficult bush. The tea bushes are not growing evenly, so one part is ready and the other part is not. So the local tea farmers have to harvest this tea in multiple periods. Of course, this is more costly. So the tea farmers decide to import another variety which does not have this problem. But by doing so you get a completely different tea! This is not the tea Tea Adventure was looking for. Luckily since we now have a very good network in China with people who share the same passion for good and fair tea, we got a good lead. One of our acquaintances in the Xiamen told us she has a nephew in the Zhenghe area who is producing excellent black tea. When visiting this nephew we ask about the real Zhenghe white tea. He told us where this find this tea.

When the tea farmers decide to move over to a more convenient tea bush they have abandoned the some of their plantations. These plantations, without human intervention, has grown and bewildered. Resulting in high tea bushes of more than 3 meters high. Now some local people have started to pick tea from these bewildered bushes. This is pure wild tea which is, of course, pesticide-free and no fertilizer is used. Excellent tea completely in line with the Tea Adventure strict standards.

Try it yourself, this wild Silver Needle and experience the different taste compared to the Fuding variety. A very interesting tea with a more intense taste. Long lasting as well. Four gram of tea gives you easly more than a litter of excellent white tea!

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More Information
Other namesZhenghe Bai Hao Yin Zhen, Zhenghe Silver Needle 政和野生白毫银针
AppeareanceThe buds are very large, lager then the Fuding variety, Easily recognizable by the white, fluffy hair which give the tea its silvery velvet appearance. Silver Needle tea contains no leaves, only the unopened buds
Harvest Year2017
tasteSoft, sweet and very tender, refreshing silver needles yield a elegant aftertaste that lasts, very refreshing, taste more robust then Fuding White Peony. Water color light apricot yellow.
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