Cinnamon (Rougui)

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The Cinnamon is a relatively new Rock oolong tea, embedding warm and soft tones. This tea is slightly longer toasted and develops a strong taste.

Considered to be one of the best Wuyi rock teas there is and well known for its wonderful fragrance.

Some types of oolong teas are known as ‘’rock tea” because the tea trees grow between the rocks in the Wuyi mountains. The four most famous oolong teas are: Dahongpao ( Big Red Robe), Baijiguan (White Cocksomb) Wuyi Rougui (Cinnamon) and Wuyi Shuixian (Golden Water Turtle).

The Cinnamon is the "youngest" of the Wuyi Rock teas. In the eighties, this Chinese tea was still virtually unknown, but this tea now occupies an important place among the other rock teas from Wuyishan. The Cinnamon is especially known for its wonderful fragrance.

Oolong tea is semi-oxidized. The partial oxidation is difficult to manage. The "tea master" needs to feel and smell the tea leaves regularly. Through the aroma of the leaves the tea master recognizes the stages in the process.

Rock teas are also known for their floral fragrance and their so-called " Rock rhyme". Generally speaking they have a round, strong tastes and it feels as if they go down in the body. This is called the “bone of rocks". The taste lingers in the mouth. Wuyi Mountain has a typical topography, characterized by striking red sandstone. It is said that the 36 peaks and 99 famous rocks all produce good oolong tea.

This Cinnamon is relatively heavily roasted oolong tea and as such completes the palate of our rock teas. We strongly recommend to try this beautiful, but less known, tea.

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Other namesCinnamon, Rou Gui, Kaneel, 肉桂
AppeareanceBeautiful dark-brownish leaves, differing in size and shape
Harvest Year2017
tasteSweet cinnamon-like taste, fruity taste, creamy texture with floral aftertaste
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Wuyishan, Fujian, protected area, Zhen Yan

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This tea tastes the best using a porcelain or clay pot. Use 4-8 grams of this tea and add boiling water. To prepare half a liter of this tea, use around 8 grams depending on your personal preference. However don't start with too much tea leaves, otherwise the tea will become bitter. Steep the tea for a few seconds if you like mild tea and for a minute if you like strong tea. When using the kungfu tea set, use 4-8 grams and steep for around 20 seconds. It's not necessary to wash this tea, but it doesn't hurt. We recommend that you also try using an YiXing clay pot to experience the differences in taste.

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