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The convenient tea cup is an easy way to brew your favorite loose leaf teas. Just add tea and hot water. Anywhere you go, just take your teacup and your favorite tea and enjoy your teamoment.

This teacup is very easy to use when drinking loose tea and is convenient to take with you. Using loose leaf tea creates a much delicious and flavorful tea than pre-packaged tea bags. Drinking a cup of your favorite brewed loose leaf tea can be an lovely relaxing experience and a nice and easy ‘time-out’ from the daily occupations.

The most common way to prepare tea in China is to just put the leaves directly into a cup and pour water on them. If you do not enjoy the beverage because the loose tea leaf tea will touch your lips and teeth, here is the solution to drink loose leaf tea, making you fully experience the high quality while keeping your teeth clean.

This tea maker is a fast, easy way to brew your favorite loose-leaf teas. Just add your favourite tea and hot water. This tea maker is made out of plastic and as such very convenient to take with you when traveling.

There are 2 ways to use this tea cup:

The tea can be placed directly inside the bottle which is then filled with water. The filter will keep any leaves from entering your mouth while sipping. (specially suitable for light teas, white, green, yellow)

Make hot water in the tea cup, sieve it up, place leaves in the filter, cover it up. Then turn the whole tea cup and let it pull. Turn the tea cup back and screw the sieve off. This is especially useful with dark teas (pu-erh, black, oolong).

This teacup is very easy to use when drinking loose tea and is convenient to take with you. There is no need to bring an additional cup. Let the tea just pull, dark or lighter depending on your taste. This tea cup is also suitable for herbs, flowers or other infusions. Please do not use the dishwasher to clean it.

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