Fire Jade

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Fire Jade is a rare organic green tea of high quality with a slightly smoky, sweet flavor. Hand-picked and processed into beautiful 'Fire Jade pearls' .

This tea has been drunk in China for centuries. Try this green tea and enjoy the taste.

Fire Jade green tea is a rare organic green tea from the Yongxi village in Anhui. This tea has been produced since ancient times. The tea plantations are situated high up in the mountains, in an area with deep valleys, and with many rivers and springs. This area is very humid andhas a fertile soil. A good basis for producing a good tea. Moreover the tea plantations are located in a beautiful setting surrounded by pine trees.

The shape of this tea resembles the shape of Gunpowder tea, but Fire Jade is a whole different tea. The leaves are picked by hand, rolled and then fried in a wok on charcoal. The whole process takes more than two hours. This green tea is an absolute top tea, produced organically.

The name Jade Fire is based on the process of burning the leaves on charcoal. Because of this, it has a unique light, sweet smoky aroma.

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More Information
Other namesYongxi Huo Qing, Fire Jade, 火青
AppeareanceLeaf tea. Dark shiny leaves, tightly curled into a pearl
Harvest Year2016
tasteGreen, uplifting and refreshing, sweet with a hint of smokiness
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Yongxi, Anhui, higheste grade, Organic tea

map Yongxi Fire Jade tea

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For one cup or glass, use 1-2 grams Fire Jade. Don't start with too many pearls per steep. For a teapot or the Kung Fu tea set you need 3 to 4 grams. Pour the leaves with 70-80°C hot water. Depending on personal preference, wait for a short moment up to a minute for an infusion. However do not let the tea steep too long, otherwise the taste becomes too strong or even bitter.

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