Green Needle

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Green Needle consists of thin, long shiny buds. High quality tea with a very delicate, nutty flavor. A local tea produced at an organic tea plantation high in the mountains of Sanjiang.

Now available at Tea Adventure. A great addition to your green tea adventure.


Green Needle green tea is grown in Sanjiang, in an environment that is very suitable for growing good organic tea. The plantations are situated far away from industry, between 700-1000 meters above sea level and on mountains which are shrouded in dew almost every day. The climate is subtropical and the summers are long and hot with plenty of rain. Very good conditions to cultivate good tea.

Sanjiang has a long history with green tea. Until recently Green Needle used to be a local tea, and was only consumed in the region. The Green Needle has been especially developed to stimulate sales outside the region.

This tea is related to the Silver Needle tea, but due to a very different "terroir" and a completely different way of processing, it is only in appearance that it bears some resemblance. The nice thing about this tea is that it is not so well known. So in addition to the famous (and delicious) other teas, we try to give the lesser known organic tea a chance as well.

Tea Adventure offers this special Chinese tea, which was previously unknown outside the Sanjiang region. Tea bought without intermediaries, green tea that we found ourselves. We think the taste is great and hope you will give this local tea a try.

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More Information
Other namesGreen Needle
AppeareanceLarge tea buds
Harvest YearApril 2017
tasteFresh and slightly nutty
Price per cup€0.08

Guangxi Province, Sanjiang County

map Sanjang green needle tea

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Water 80 degrees Celsius, 2 -3 gram tea per infusion, steep for around 2 minutes. Depending on personal preference you can steep the leaves for a longer or shorter time. Please be aware that two grams of these green tea buds is a very small layer of buds in your glass or gaiwan

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