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Guan Pian is a famous green tea with a bit of a smoky accent. Only the first leaf beneath the bud is picked and the bottom and the upper tip of the blade will be removed to get tea leaves of equal size.

Only the soft and young leaves will be picked and only on sunny days. A very special tea, definitely worth trying.


In the mountains of Lu'an, in Anhui we found this this tea. It got its name because Melon Slice is an abbreviation of "gui zi pian", which means Melon Seed Slice. This reflects the shape of the processed leaves. The tea bushes growing there have thick branches and large leaves.

This tea is a summer tea with a slightly smoky flavor. It consists only of leaves without the bud. The bottom and the upper top of the leaves are removed to get equally sized leaves.

Only the soft tea leaves are picked during ten days after the Qing Ming Festival (around April 5th). The first leaves are not picked because they are too old. In addition, it is important that the leaves are picked at the right time. This means on sunny days only, because otherwise the moist can make the leaves moldy.

Tea pickers, mostly women, pick the leaves very carefully because the leaves must not break. Because this must be done in a most careful way, they can pick only two kilos a day. You should know that at least two kilograms of leaves are needed for one kilo of tea. It is therefore no coincidence that this tea is on the list of most famous teas in China.

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Other namesLu An Guapian, Melon Slice, Gua Zi Pian,六安瓜片
AppeareanceLeaf tea. The well-proportioned dried leaves are long and narrow with a deep green
Harvest Year2017
tasteThis very special tea has a floral and slightly sweet flavor
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Liu 'an, Anhui, highest Grade

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    1. What is Luan Guapian Green Tea?

      About the Lu An Guapian or Melon Slide green tea
      Only produced in a small area of Lu’an city in the west of Anhui Province,it is the only tea made out of leaves without any bud. Processing the tea will take up to a whole week, the result is the Luan Guapian tea (Guapian means melon-seed-like shape). Unfortunately many people still don’t know much about this tea.

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    2. Is the Lu’An Guapian a leaf tea?

      Tea nr three in the May Spring Tea month is the Guapian. We selected three 2015 harvest fresh tea, representing Spring: The Silver Needle, The Huoshan

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Use 2 - 3 grams of this tea per glass along with water just below boiling (70-80 degrees Celsius). To prepare half a liter of this tea, use around 5 grams depending on your personal preference. Don't start with too much tea. Otherwise, it will become bitter. Steep the tea for a few seconds if you like mild tea or a little more than a minute if you like strong tea.

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