Only the best, hand-picked tea is selected

thee pluk sanjiang

Tea-Adventure teas come from plantations where local people harvest their teas. While hand-picking the tea, tea pickers can feel which tea bud or tea leaf is suitable for picking. When the bud or the leaf is ready for picking, the taste will be influenced. When the taste is not optimal, factories use this tea for blends, or mix them with additional fragrances. This is not the kind of tea Tea Adventure wants. 

Each individual type of tea requires a special type of picking:

  • Only the tea buds
  • One bud and one leave
  • One bud and two leaves
  • One bud and more than two leaves
  • Only leaves

Machines cannot do this kind of precise picking. Also, the plantations are on high altitudes and in hilly areas. It is the type of tea tree and the process after the picking which determines whether the leaves will be transformed into a black, white, oolong, puerh, yellow or green tea.

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