High grades loose leaf tea

jasmijn parels

Why is a high grade tea better than an average grade? The tea market is a rather unclear market, with many different types and grades. Most of them still related to early tea traders hundreds of years ago (like Orange Pekoe for a black tea).

Nowadays, we don’t need to drink these poor quality black teas anymore. We can enjoy the best teas the world has to offer. Unfortunately, many tea traders and companies do not care very much about these high qualities and sell average teas for high prices. For example White Peony tea is often sold as a sadly looking leaf tea, while White Peony should be a tea bud and two leaves from high mountain areas. We call our White Peony "King", since it is a King grade, and we are against low quality tea. Especially, because low quality tea often contains pesticides, sugar and other chemical additives.

By choosing handpicked tea, you are choosing high quality tea. You will taste the difference.

Enjoy the color, fragrance and taste of these wonderful teas. Even after a few steepings, the taste will still be amazing. See how the leaves unfold in the water, regaining its original shape.

Only the best tea is good enough. We are tea connoisseurs and we want you to enjoy these wonderful varieties of Chinese tea. Tea-Adventure visits the tea plantations, we taste all teas, look at the tea fields and negotiate in Chinese without intermediaries.

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