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Hundred Years Black is a black tea which comes from wild tea trees which are more than one hundred years old. They grow high up in the mountains.

A unique local tea with a soft taste and a fresh smell, which is always picked by handl.

Hundred Years Black is also known as the Sanjiang Black. The village of Sanjiang (Three Rivers) in Guangxi is an ideal place to grow this tea. The tea trees are situated far away from highways, factories and crowded cities. The climate is subtropical and the summers are long and hot.

Until two years ago the local Dong population used the large tea leaves in food or to produce tea oil. Only when our supplier, Ms. Wu, searched the area to find a good tea, she discovered that the buds of these wild trees could also be used to make tea. In the past, the population pruned many large tea trees to have better access. Nowadays relatively few buds can be picked per tree. Fortunately these trees are not cut back every few years, which means the yield per bush is quite high.

Since we are in China for almost eight years now, we can look for the finest teas ourselves. This means travelling long distances just to find that one special tea. We are proud to have this tea. It comes from a small organic plantation where the good conditions are good. The result is a high quality tea , which makes it all worthwhile for us.

Unfortunately the area of Sanjiang is also threatened by the development of large-scale tea production. Therefore we are pleased that we found this wonderful Chinese tea in time and that we can offer the Hundred Years Black online. Buying this tea will help protect the wild tea trees and will support the locals to continue processing these tea leaves into a pure tea.

When you experience the unique fragrance and flavour of this tea, we hope you appreciate that this beautiful and sustainable tea should be preserved for future generations.

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Other names100 years black, Hundred years black, Bai Nian Hong, Sanjiang black tea 百年红
AppeareanceLarge leaves
Harvest Year2017
tasteThe taste is fruity with a fresh scent, with little nut-like and floral notes leading to a full flavor
Price per cup€0.06

Sanjiang, Guangxi, highest grade, wild tea

map Sanijang 100 years black

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Per glass around 2 grams tea leaves. For teapot or Gaiwan use 3 to 4 grams of the leaves. Steep the leaves in water at around 90 degrees Celsius. Depending on personal preference just steep for a single moment or a bit longer (a minute).

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