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For years now we buy our Huoshan yellow tea from the same woman, called VeeVee. She supports farmers and teaches them how to promote and sell their organic Huoshan yellow tea. We choose this tea because of its tender taste.

The Huoshan yellow tea is known as the Huoshan Yellow Buds. When harvesting this tea, one bud with one or two leaves are picked. We have never seen a pure Huoshan bud tea on the tea market.

The focus during the harvest is completely on the bud and this bud has to be picked in combination with one or two leaves. This is the reason that this tea is called Huoshan Yellow Bud tea, despite the leaves in this tea. Compared to other types of tea, yellow tea is a relatively unknown tea. This Chinese yellow tea is also very rare. We have chosen this organic yellow tea from the Da Hua Ping mountains because of its tender taste. The Huoshan yellow tea is one of the last yellow teas available in China.

The only difference between processing  yellow tea and green tea is the additional "Meng Huang" oxidation step which is applied to yellow tea (literally meaning “‘becoming yellow under the combined influence of water temperature"). This leads to a smooth taste. Therefore, unlike green tea, yellow tea is a slightly oxidized tea.

The combination of a good growing environment and the exclusivity of this yellow tea is a guarantee for a great tea experience. Give it a try.

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Other names Huoshan Huangya, Huoshan Yellow Tea, 霍山黄芽
AppeareanceImpressively greenish with wild tea buds and leaves
Harvest Year2017
tasteTones of chestnut and smooth like the best white tea with a distinctive character
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Huoshan, Anhui (in Liu’an district) , organic

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      June is our Month of the Yellow tea. In this month, we offer three varieties of yellow tea for a reduced price. We have one new yellow tea: the Weishan yellow, a yellow tea from a new supplier (Mengding yellow) and one yellow tea that has been with us from the start: the Huoshan yellow tea. 
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    May is the Tea Adventure Spring Tea month. We selected three 2015 harvest fresh tea, representing Spring: The Silver Needle, The Huoshan and the Guapian, available with a significant discount in the Spring Tea package. All three teas have only one (spring) harvest and give you a fresh (spring) feeling while drinking. Spring Tea number 2 is the Huoshan yellow tea. 

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Use 2-3 grams of this tea per glass and add water just below boiling (70-80 degrees Celsius). To prepare half a liter of this yellow tea, use around 5 grams depending on your personal preference. Don't start with too much yellow tea. Otherwise, the tea will become bitter. Steep the tea for a few seconds if you like mild tea and for a little more than a minute if you like strong tea. When using the KungFu tea set, use 3 grams of tea and steep for around 20 seconds. It's not necessary to wash this tea, but it doesn't hurt.

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