Iron Arhat

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One of the four famous Wuyi Rock teas. This tea has an excellent sweet and fruity taste and special aftertaste.
Together with the Big Red Robe, Iron Arhat is the most most accessible Wuyi rock tea.

The Wuyi Mountains, in the north of Fujian Province, is the birthplace of all rock tea. All rock teas need to be picked by hand. The default is to pick three or four leaves. These are loose tea leaves, and are processed piece by piece. For most Chinese tea picked by hand, only "two leaves and a bud" are taken. With oolong tea the picking process is different and even the third and sometimes fourth blade still gives a (very) good quality. The harvest takes place only once a year, usually in five to ten days between mid-April and early May. Hence it comes down to only a few days! Too young leaves can not be picked, but a tea leaf that has aged too long is no longer worthwhile either.

The quality of the tea is dependent on two factors. First, the growing environment: The rocky and mineral-rich soil of Wuyishan gives the tea the rich and mineral flavor. Second, the traditional roasting of the leaves causes a pleasant roasted flavor and preserves the original flavor of the tea leaf inside

Producing these Chinese Oolong tea is complicated and is entirely done by hand. The tea leaves are placed in a pan and heated so that the enzymes go out. Then the leaves are removed from the pan and rolled. Then they are again briefly heated, allowing the blades to stabilize. This heating is very important and requires expertise because it makes the tea taste good and can be stored for a long time.

Because weather conditions are different every year, the appearance, smell and taste different each year as well. This year was quite unique in terms of weather. A very cold winter with temperatures below zero in Fujian, then followed heavy rainfall. After the rain stopped the warmest period in years started, being the period when the rock teas are roasted. The frost caused the leaves to have a irregular shape, but the taste and smell we find exceptional at Tea-Adventure.

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Other namesTie luo han, Iron Arhat, 铁罗汉
AppeareanceDark beautiful leaves that differ in size and shape
Harvest Year2017
tasteFlowery and mild with sweet aftertaste, with a hint of roasted rice
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Wuyishan, Fujian, protected area

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This tea tastes the best in a porcelain or clay pot. Use 4-8 grams of this tea and add boiling water. To prepare half a liter of this tea, use around 8 grams depending on your personal preference. However don't start with too much tea, otherwise the tea will become bitter. Steep the tea for a few seconds if you like mild tea and for a minute if you like strong tea. When using the kungfu tea set, use 3-4 grams and steep for around 20 seconds. It's not necessary to wash this tea, but it doesn't hurt. 

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