Jasmine Needle King

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The king of jasmine teas. A cloth is hung above the freshly picked jasmine flowers and the tea is laid upon it. The tea then absorbs the scent. This creates a delicate jasmine flavor that does not overpower.

This Chinese tea is made by hanging a cloth above freshly picked jasmine flowers. The tea is laid upon the cloth. The tea will absorb the scent of the flowers. In this way a fine jasmine flav the 'Da Bai' variety is used. This variety is also used for the production of the Silver Needle. However the leaves for the Jasmine Silver Needle King are harvested later in the season. Therefore, the basic material for this green tea is a variety of white tea, but it is a green tea.

Only unbroken buds are used for Silver Needle white tea, to make these high-quality green tea. For the Jasmine Silver Needle tea only the tea flowers are used which have just begun to blossom in the summer. Only at this time of year, they are suitable for making jasmine tea because their fragrance is most powerfull in this period.

Jasmine Needle King is truly the king of teas under the jasmine. This tea combines the best of both green tea and jasmine flowers. When you open the package and smell the delicate fragrance you will experience pure quality. This tea is refreshing and subtle at the same time.

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Other namesWhite Jasmine tea, Jasmine Needle King, Mo Li Zhen Wang, 茉莉银针(顶级)
AppeareanceLong and thin leaves, lime-green
Harvest Year2017
tasteRefreshing mild and sensuous taste. Combines white tea with Jasmine blossoms
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Fuding, Fujian

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Use 2 -3 grams Jasmine Needles for a glass. Add 300 ml of warm water (70-80°C). Depending on personal preference, up to 5 minutes or just a minute, if you prefer a light taste. For our tea-maker or the kung fu tea set, you can use the same amount of tea and the same water . This tea is of such high quality that it does not become bitter or quickly loses its flavor. The neatly pointed Jasmine Needle buds stand upright in the water to give an impressive visual impact.

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