A large selection of teas

jasmijn parels

China knows hundreds of different tea varieties within six tea categories: Green, Black, Oolong, White, Yellow and Puerh tea.

Most of the 1500 available varieties in China are green teas. They have been consumed all over the country for thousands of years. The taste of one green tea can be very different from another green tea, some tea drinkers even think it is another variety. Many companies offer you just green tea, but we do not think that is good enough. Tea drinkers should be clear about which tea they are drinking, and merchants should offer tea drinkers different options.

Closely related to green tea are the white tea, yellow tea, puerh tea, and the oxidised teas being the oolong and the black tea.

The taste of these teas depends on the type of tea bush, but especially on the local circumstances called ‘terroir’. These include the amount of sunshine, the type of soil, rainfall, altitude, etc..

With so many different circumstances for tea, China can offer us more than 1500 different types of tea. From very sweet and light, to dark and dry. Discover your own favorite tea. And if you are not satisfied, we will refund you the purchase price.