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Long Jing is the most famous tea in China and is regarded as being the national tea.

Unfortunately, there is much variation in quality. We are proud to offer a beautiful and authentic Long Jing. The number one in the tea top ten in China.

This famous Chinese tea originated in the hills adjacent to the Hangzhou West Lake, one of the most beautiful regions in China. Long Jing means "Dragon Well". Long Jing tea is only harvested in the spring. The tea leaves are picked during the first two weeks of spring and is of the highest quality.

There is another tea on the market with the name Long Jing, while in reality this is not the authentic Long Jing tea. This is one of the reasons Tea Adventure always goes personally to the tea plantations in order to see and taste the tea for ourselves. We found this tea in Zhejiang, one of the most inhospitable areas along the coast. Due to the many mountains, Zhejiang for a long time remained one of the least urbanized coastal provinces of China.

Our Long Jing tea plantation is beautiful and green and we could already smell the tea leaves in the field. This field lies at 800 meters height and is filled with fresh air. We saw that the authentic Long Jing is grown here. Long Jing tea is only harvested in the spring and the tea is picked during the first 2 weeks. This produces the highest quality of Long Jing. It is really important for Long Jing to be stored in a cold place because if the storage conditions are not right the taste will change.

The taste is refreshing with a slight hint of both fruit and nuts. Much of the taste is due to the fact that this tea is baked. There is much variation in quality and we have little confidence in certificates. We are therefore very happy that we can offer you this really beautiful and authentic Long Jing from the Yang family.

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More Information
Other namesWestlake Dragon Well
AppeareanceLeaf tea. Big green-yellowish leaves of same size and shape
Harvest Year2017
tasteRefreshing with hints of nuts and fruits
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Xinchang, Zhejiang province, highest grade

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About 2 grams of this variety are more than enough per glass. For a teapot, we recommend 3-4 grams Long Jing. The leaves are infused in water between 70 and 80°C. Depending on personal preference, give a short moment up to a minute for an infusion. However, it is very important not to let the tea steep too long, otherwise the taste becomes bitter. Generally speaking, the thicker the buds of the tea used, the lesser the time required for an infusion. When a kung fu tea set is used, use about 4 grams, and these are about 10 seconds per infusion. It is important to wash the tea before the first infusion, Steeping it for 20 seconds in 70 to 80°C hot water.

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