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One of the best organic oolong teas we found, picked from old tea trees. The tea garden is runned by the same family since hundreds of years.

Only the grandfather works with the highest grades. The taste is soft, sweet and fresh.

This tea plantation is managed by a small family, the grandfather, the father and the grandson. The grandson’s name is "Little Wen” and he runs the tea shop in the village. When we first met him, he invited us to accompany him to the plantation. There we also met his grandfather who is also strongly involved in managing the tea plantation

Oolong tea is one of the most complex teas to produce, because the edges are crushed and the leaves are partially oxidized. Hence transferring this expertise needs much time. The tea garden of this family is small and situated high in the mountains. The tea garden is hundreds of years family owned by this small family and only the grandfather works with the highest grades.

All the skills are still in the hands of the grandfather’s. Slowly he is teaching his son and grandson to master the Dancong tea processing skills. The crucial parts of the process need many years of experience before every step is perfect. Till today grandfather will not let anyone else process the leaves from his best trees.

The Dancong tea leaves are usually picked in the afternoon and made into tea by placing the leaves out in the sun, then withering the leaves indoors, then oxidizing, then removing the water and in the end of the process roll and toast them. It is a complicated process that takes more than ten hours. The leaves are thick strips, and have equal rights. The color is yellow-brown with a touch of vermilion. It provides a natural and fresh scent during tea making. The taste is soft, sweet and fresh.

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Other namesPhoenix Dancong, Fenghuang Oolong, Dancong Oolong, 凤凰单枞, Subname: Yinhua, Yashi (honeysuckle flavour)
AppeareanceBeautiful tea leaves, clearly hand-picked and from old tea trees
Harvest Year2016
tasteFruity, flowery, sweet
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Fenghuang, Guangdong

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Water 100 degrees Celsius, 3-7 gram tea per infusion, steep for 10-20 seconds. High quality Dancong tea can be steeped up to ten times without losing its taste. Before drinking you should rinse the tea and the teaware. According to the Chinese, drinking the first cup of steeped tea could bring bad luck.

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