Silver Eyebrow

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Silver Eyebrow is a very gentle black tea. Lulu Wang says about this tea: “The Silver Eyebrow combines a slight grassy taste (Chinese) whith a good, strong flavor (European).

This delicate balance makes it an exceptional tea. A perfect combination of East and West.”

After we received a special request from a fan of both black tea and of Tea –Adventure, this exceptional tea is available once again. Tea-Adventure is happy to announce that the Silver Eyebrow (Yin Jun Mei) has made its comeback into our catalogue after an absence of two years.

Since 2005, the Silver Eyebrow tea is picked in the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve Park. This Chines tea grows in an incredibly beautiful area, which is well protected. The tea trees grow at a height of 1500-1800 metres.

The buds have a slightly curved shape which makes them look a bit like an eyebrow. Hence the name. The Silver Eyebrow contains leaves which have a golden color, so contrary to what one might expect, it does not look silver at all. To make things even more complicated; the Golden Eyebrow tea also exists! We found out that the names do not refer to the color of the tea but to the ingredients. For the Golden Eyebrow, only the buds are used. The Silver Eyebrow consists of both buds and leaves. So the Silver Eyebrow has been named silver because it is less expensive than Golden Eyebrow.

Silver Eyebrow was discovered in 2005 in Tongmu. Tongmu is a national nature reserve which lies high up in the mountains. Since 400 years the Lapsang Souchong black tea is also produced here. Although the leaves come from the same tree, the Silver Eyebrow is a completely different tea.The main difference lies in the way both teas are being processed. The leaves of the traditional Lapsang Souchong are smoked, which gives it a totally different taste compared to the Silver Eyebrow.

Try our special Silver Eyebrow tea, which is recommended by Lulu Wang. A perfect combination between East and West.

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Other namesSilver Eyebrow, Yin Jun Mei, 银骏眉
AppeareanceThe leaves are carefully rolled - when hot water is added, young leaves with stalk show. An elegant tea with a bright orange infusion
Harvest Year2014
tasteThis tea has a sweet and fruity taste with a slightly smoky accent. The more mature the tea, the sweeter the aromas
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Wuyishan, Fujian, protected area

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Use approximately 3 grams Yin Jun Mei for a glass of tea and add 90°C hot water. For a teapot use approximately 5 grams, depending on your personal taste. However, do not use too many tea leaves, otherwise the taste is bitter. For a light tea let the leaves pull a few moments in hot water, for a stronger tea you wait up to a minute. If you are using a kung fu tea, use about 3 grams Yin Jun Mei and let it go for about 20 seconds. This tea does not need to be washed before consumption.

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