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Popular and exclusive white tea of very high quality. The Silver Needle consists only of tea buds.

This organic tea can only be picked during eight days in the spring. One kilo can consist of 10,000 buds! Try out this unique and gentle tea from Fuding.

It's hard to find authentic Organic Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen). After a long search we discovered that the Fuding village in the north of Fujian Province is the best place to buy this white tea. High up in the mountains, and travelling over narrow pathways, we found the best quality Silver Needle from China, which is also organically certified.

Just before the Qingming festival, between mid-March and mid-April, only the best tea buds are picked for this tea. Silver Needle has a sweet, mild flavor and a refreshing aroma. The harvest can only take place during eight days. After that, the buds are too large and the taste is poorer. The taste is also determined by the exact moment of picking during the day. So it is not an easy process.

Only the best unopened buds give the impression of white, which is unique to the Silver Needle. This white tea is traditionally used as a medicinal herb in Fuding. White tea is hardly processed and therefore it retains its healthy properties.

For the many years that we offer different kinds of white tea, the Silver Needle tea has always been very popular among tea lovers. All these years we have been buying from the same organic tea plantation and we can guarantee that this is the best Silver Needle we can find in China.

Good and authentic Silver Needle is hard to find and not easy to produce. Since Tea Adventure does not choose the easy way either, it is the perfect match.

Buy your Silver Needle here, you will not be able to find a better quality anywhere else!

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More Information
Other namesSilver Needle, Yinzhen, Baihao Yinzhen
AppeareanceEasily recognizable by the white, fluffy hair which give the tea its silvery velvet appearance. Silver Needle tea contains no leaves, only the unopened buds
Harvest Year2017
tasteSoft, sweet and very tender, refreshing silver needles yield a elegant aftertaste that lasts.
Price per cup€0.08

Fuding, Fujian

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Use 2 -3 grams Silver Needles for a glass. Add 300 ml of warm water (70-80°C). Depending on personal preference, up to 5 minutes or just a minute, if you prefer a light taste. For our tea-maker or the kung fu tea set, you can use the same amount of tea and the same water temperature. This tea is of such high quality that it does not become bitter or quickly loses its flavor. The neatly pointed Silver Needle buds stand upright in the water to give an impressive visual impact.

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