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Loose tea from China knows many variations in taste. Even when you want to drink nothing but black tea, you still will not get bored.

Discover your own taste with this black tea package. Now with an introductory discount of two euros.

Give black tea a try. Would you like to taste this pure tea, smell it and see that the leaves regain their original shape in the water? Loose tea without artificial or chemical additives of at very high quality? Experience yourself how well this tea feels and taste. And how oftern you can brew this tea without loss of flavour.

Loose tea from China has a lot of variations. Even when you only want to drink black tea, you will not get bored because of the wide range of choices. Discover your taste with this black tea starter package. Now with an introductory discount of two euros.

The starter kit consists of the following two teas:

  1. Hundred Years Black:Black tea from one hundred year old tea trees. A unique tea with a soft taste and a fresh smell of wild tea trees. It is picked by hand, high up in the mountains of Guangxi Sanjiang.
  2. Golden Yunnan Black. WTea buds of the big tea trees. This tea originates in the Yunnan black tea capital of Fengqing, nearby the Myanmar border. It has a very distinctive taste which makes it different from any other black tea available. This high quality tea is hand picked and you can taste this. Because of its high quality you can brew this tea several times without loss of flavour. No added flavor or colouring. Only the pure taste of tea.
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Per glass around 2 grams tea leaves. For teapot or Gaiwan use 3 to 4 grams of the leaves. Steep the leaves in water at around 90 degrees Celsius. Depending on personal preference just steep for a single moment or a bit longer (a minute).

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