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Starter kit Pu-erh tea

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Two special pu-erh teas from China with a nice discount. An excellent way to get acquainted with the particular and subtle flavors of Chinese pu-erh tea. Save two euros with this starter kit.

Pu-erh tea is a fresh-green or beautiful dark tea with earth-like flavor.

There are hundreds of varieties with great differences in taste. Pu-erh tea is a fresh-green or beautiful dark tea with earth-like flavor. This tea can be drunk young but after maturing the taste grows softer. Pu-erh tea is doing very well after or during a meal.

The tea starter kit consists of the following two teas:

I. Menghai Puerh: Stored since 2008, this pu-erh tea from Menghai has currently reached its perfect taste moment. This loose cooked pu-erh will suprise you with its elegant taste. pu-erh tea taste like earth? Certainly not this one!

II. Emperor A tribute tea for the Emperor. Fine young leaves only. Beautiful golden leaves with very mellow taste.

This high quality tea has been picked by hand. Because of the high quality you can pour the water several times, without loss of flavor or taste. It was quite an adventure to create this beautiful collection. Make your personal choice and explore the differences between the teas.

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Around 5-8 grams of this tea will be sufficient when using the kungfu tea set or when steeping the tea in a teapot. Use 2-3 grams per glass. When drinking puerh tea, you have to first rinse the tea two times with boiling hot water. This is necessary in order to release the full flavor from the tea leaves. If you have a good quality puerh, you can steep the tea up to fifteen times! brewing instructions

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