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Yellow tea is a typical Chinese loose leaf tea. The production process is difficult and risky for farmers, therefore relatively little yellow tea is available.

Yellow tea as compared to green tea, has a softer and milder flavor. Discover yellow tea with the tea starter pack. Now with an introductory discount of 2 Euro.

Loose leaf tea from China knows many variations in taste. Yellow tea is a typical Chinese loose tea. The production process is complicated and therefore it is risky for farmers to produce this tea. As a result there is relatively litlle yellow tea available.

Yellow tea, as compared to green tea, has a softer flavor. We find yellow tea delicious and from our customers we hear enthusiastic responses as well. Some people who really do not like green tea find yellow tea very nice.

Discover your taste with this tea package. Now with an introductory discount of 2 Euro. The starter kit consists of the following two teas:

I. Huoshan yellow tea: Delicious tea with a fresh and tender taste. One of the last available yellow teas from China.

II. Mengding yellow tea: Tea farmers pick only the finest shoots for this tea. A rare tea which gets its yellow colour and special taste from the special processing.

This high-quality tea is hand picked and you can taste this. Because of its high quality you van brew this tea several times without loss of flavour. No colour or flavour is added and this tea does not need this. This tea has pure taste. It is also wonderfull to look at, since the tea leaves unfold beautifully in the hot water.

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Use 2-3 grams of this tea per glass and add water just below boiling point (80-90 degrees Celsius). Water temperature should be slightly higher than the 80 degrees you normally use for green tea. Steep the tea for at least one minute.
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