Sustainable tea

dancong tea plantation

How does Tea Adventure define sustainable tea?

Sustainable tea is tea without any chemicals, without any additives, from biodiverse tea gardens in high mountains. We want tea pickers to earn a reasonable salary because we want our tea to be fair trade.

This way, tea pickers and tea sellers earn reasonable amounts of money, and tea drinkers pay a reasonable price. There is an urgent need for a sustainable tea market. Every tea drinker can contribute to this sustainable tea market, by drinking tea adventure teas.

We visit the tea plantations personally. No matter how far we have to travel, how high we have to climb, how long we have to search, we will not stop untill we find that artisan hand-picked tea.

We know the people behind the tea. We taste, talk, eat, and taste the tea again. When a tea is not suitable or  not sustainable we do not sell it.

Join us, taste the best teas, support sustainable tea farming

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