Menghai Puerh

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Stored since 2008, this pu-erh tea from Menghai has currently reached its perfect taste moment. This loose cooked pu-erh will suprise you with its elegant taste. Pu-erh tea taste like earth? Certainly not this one!

For those who know pu-erh tea know that this tea is a mix of tea leaves from a number of the mountains of Menghai. All these mountains are in or just outside the Menghai area, therefore we call this tea Menghai pu-erh. It is a loose cooked pu-erh, which aged for eight years now.

The flavour developed over the years into a sweet one with a wide range of other hints. We have kept this tea in storage until the moment we really liked the taste. So please enjoy this slowly ripened pu-erh tea.

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Around 5-8 grams of this tea will be sufficient when using the kungfu tea set or when steeping the tea in a teapot. Use 2-3 grams per glass. When drinking puerh tea, you have to first rinse the tea two times with boiling hot water. This is necessary in order to release the full flavor from the tea leaves. If you have a good quality puerh, you can steep the tea up to fifteen times! brewing instructions

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