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Three beautiful, high quality and famous teas. The Silver Needle, Jasmine Tea and Long Jing.

Green, white and jasmine tea. Exclusive tea, accessible taste and often pourable. Order here online.

Would you like to surprise someone with a special gift? Order this beautiful tea gift and make someone happy with exclusive, high quality and natural tea.  Our three most popular teas, together in one tea gift package with a nice introductory discount.

Silver Needle White Tea, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea and Maofeng Green Tea. A delicious and honest tea gift for someone else or for yourself!

Customer review from Addy: "I've really tried many of these tea sites, but Tea-adventure really delivers the best quality tera. Pretty leaves, not too small and certainly no gravel."

Authentic, Organic Silver Needle White Tea. Between mid-March and mid-April, the best teabuds are picked for eight days rresulting in a a sweet, soft taste and a refreshing smell. It is important that the buds are not too big, otherwise the taste will decrease. Only these unopened buds give the white impression, unique to the Silver Needle. One kilo can consist of 10,000 lbuds!

Customer review from Valérie:"I have tasted several jasmine teas in recent years, but I think this one is very good. Powerful but not artificial. "

Soft jasmine tea. Green tea made with real pure jasmine flowers, and not, as is customary, with artificial jasmine oil. The high quality of jasmine pearls can be seen to the fine taste and how tight the pearls are rolled together. The smell must also be full and round. The quality of the jasmine and the number of times the jasmine flowers are refreshed during this process (six to ten times) determine the final taste, smell and hence quality.

Customer review from Brian: "This Long Jing tea tastes authentic. I think this is the best of best, I believe it at least. I can recommend this tea to every tealover."Long Jing green tea is seen as the number one in China's top tea ten. There is a lot of variety in quality and we are proud to offer this beautiful authentic Long Jing. Our tea comes from a beautiful and green plantation, at 800 meters altitude. We personally saw that authentic Long Jing is being grown here.

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