Tieguanyin Orchid

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The dried tea leaves have very subtle fragrance. Once steeped, the lovely orchid-like fragrance fills the air.

A tea from the tea top ten from China, produced at a beautiful organic tea plantation.

The Orchid Tieguanyin is a flavorful Chinese tea which is prepared by boiling hot water. The small rolled curled leaves develop into big, beautiful, green leaves after pouring hot water on them. At tea adventure we always rinse the leaves once before drinking. This is not only Chinese tradition (drinking the first tea generates bad luck), but also to 'wake up' the leaves.

The difference in the two types Tieguanyin (lao and orchid) is generated by the way of processing. The Tieguanyin Orchid leaves are oxidized until there is an orchid-like aroma and flavor. The Lao Tieguanyin tea is based on the same leaves as the Tieguanyin Orchid, but is stored and fermented from 2013 onwards. Therefore, Lao Tieguanyin has a sweeter and less flowery taste.

Tieguanyin oolong tea is picked in small clusters of two or three leaves. The highest grades are from early- season, picked high in the mountains and sold separately. Later picks are of lower quality and probably used in blends. However, the latter is a totally different tea trade.

Tieguanyin teas are known for their delicious floral fragrance and sweet aftertaste. These characteristics are obtained by partly oxidizing the tea leaves. The leaves are first sun-dried, then partially crushed and then heated to a high temperature. Depending on the process the tea develops a floral taste, a bright fresh taste or even a little bit of a sour taste.

The growing popularity of Tieguanyin tea causes more tea tea shops to open their doors and more tea plantations producing this tea. In Anxi, in some areas, almost every mountain is covered nowadays with tea bushes. As a result, more types of Tieguanyin tea become available on the market, which makes it even more difficult to control the quality standards..

For this reason Tea-Adventure has chosen to work with only one supplier, 3 H Sender. Since 2007 we have been working with these organic and progressive tea plantation, which is based in the mountains of Zhanghou. Tea Adventure found this terrific tea garden, high in the mountains, where organic growth is combined with outstanding knowledge and care. All the tea is selected and inspected by an experienced tea master. We are still impressed with the quality and diversity of their oolong teas.

We were the first non-Chinese company that started selling their sustainable Orchid Tieguanyin tea. We still believe strongly in this sustainable tea plantation, even when the domestic market showed little interest in sustainable Tieguanyin tea.

Today, 3H-Sender is one of the most successful plantations in China. Unfortunately the prices have increased as well. Tea Adventure, as the first foreign customer, may still buy the tea at an adjusted (lower) price from 3H-Sender. This enables us to offer this great Chinese tea at a great price.

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Other namesTieguanyin Orchid, Iron Goddess Orchid, 兰香铁观音
AppeareanceTightly curled dark jade green leaves. The infusion is yellowish green in color. The name reflects the vibrant color and beautiful shape of the tea leaves, each resembling a tiny piece of green jade
Harvest Year2016
tasteThis tea has a very delicate and special taste with a orchid fragance and a floral aftertaste
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Zhangzhou, Fujian, Organic teaguanyin farm, highest grade

kaart Zhangzhou Tie Guan Yin

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    1. About Tieguanyin Oolong Tea

      The origins of Tieguanyin can be traced back to the years 1725 – 1735 in Anxi County, Fujian Province. It belongs to the Oolong category and because of its excellent quality and unique flavor, is one of China’s Ten Famous Oolong Tea, finding its way to China and the World’s Top Ten Tea list.

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Water 100 degrees Celsius, 2 gram tea per infusion for a glass and 7 gram per gaiwan, steep for around 3 minutes. High quality Tieguanyin can be steeped up to ten times without losing its taste. Before drinking you should rinse the tea and the teaware. According to the Chinese, drinking the first cup of steeped tea brings bad luck. You should steep the tea each time for 10 to 20 seconds. Use boiling hot water for the best results. Store this tea in the fridge or freezer at a temperature of around zero degrees. Additionally, you should use an airtight package to avoid influencing the quality of this tea.

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