Weizhi Black

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Take advantage of the fact that we do not remember which tea this is. Customers who have tried this tea are excited about its taste. That is why we wanted to share it with you ....

Even when you usually do not appreciate black tea , you should try this tender and smooth tea at a very low price.

This black tea was purchased during one of searches for the best teas in China. This tea tasted deliciously and it was an authentic and reliable tea, otherwise we certainly would not have bought it. In our tea adventure we encounter many challenges and unfortunately this one time we forgot to properly administrate this tea...

To our great regret we could not remember where exactly we bought this tea. However, we do know that this tea tastes deliciously... After discovering that we could not trace back the origin of this tea, we did not know what to do with it. Until a customer, who had tried this tea, was trying to order it and could not find it on our website. We decided that it was a shame to let this lovely tea waste away. We therefore named it WeiZhi Black, WeiZhi is Chinese for unknown.

We hope that you will try this wonderful (and strongly discounted) tea. It tenderness will really surprise you. Try this tea: 50 grams for only 3.50 Euros, so 25 grams for 1.75 Euro !! This tea has a very tender and delicate taste. For the first brew only use a few tealeaves. Give this tea a try, it will not disappoint you.

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Other namesweizhi Black, 未知
AppeareanceDark and small tea leaves with a golden accents
Harvest YearNo
Price per cup€0.04

Unknow, China

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Use 1-2 grams for a glass of this tea and about 3-4 grams for a teapot. Let it steep at 80°C. Depending on your personal preference, give a short moment up to a minute for an infusion. However, it is very important not to let the tea steep too long, otherwise the taste gets bitter. When a kung fu tea set is used, use about 3-4 grams Weizhi black, and wait about 10 seconds per infusion drag. Wash this tea before drinking once with 80°C hot water and this will significantly improve its taste. We recommend you to use a tea set made of porcelain for this variety in order to develop its full flavor and fragrance.

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