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The White Peony consists of one bud and two leaves. The "King '' grade is a very high quality White Peony, which is characterized by many white buds.

Deliciously refreshing, delicate white tea. We recommend this tea to lovers of soft tea. Try this tea yourself and add it to your own tea adventure.

The White Peony comes from Fuding, in the north of China's Fujian Province. This is also the place where the famous Silver Needle tea comes from. The name White Peony has to do with the shape of the dried leaves that resemble a peony.

The taste is clearly that of white tea. Not only a healthy tea due to the large number of anti-oxidants, but also a delicious tea, with an almost fruit-like flavor.

A difference between the Silver Needle and White Peony is that the Silver Needle consists purely of buds. These buds can only be picked during eight days a year, just before the Qingming Festival.

For the White Peony the bud is picked together with two leaves. This allows the leaves and buds to grow longer, and the White Peony therefore looks and tastes differently, compared to the Silver Needle.

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Other names Bai Mu Dan, Pai Mu Tan, White Peony King
AppeareanceThe buds are very large and remember visually a little of peonies, which was eponymous for this tea
Harvest Year2017
tasteVery smooth and nutty, very refreshing
Price per cup€0.60

Fuding, Fujian

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Use three to four grams of White Peony tea leaves and water just below the boiling point (around 80 degrees Celsius) First rinse the tea once for washing. Afterwards you can steep the tea up to five or six times. Infuse the tea up to one minute depending on your preference. Remember keep a layer of water in the glass to prevent the tea leaves drying out and losing their taste. gebruiksaanwijzing

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